All About Custom Order Wands and Mobiles

Magic Begins with Love and Intention What better offering, therefore, of meaning filled gift than a magic wand?  In this vein, we invite you to order a custom made wand for those someone(s) special who you wish to wow in your conveyance of love, and best wishes to come true.   
Custom Made Wands or Granny Sandy Wish Mobiles are crafted with the express focus of weaving in the intentions you have specified for your special recipient. We ask their name, and list of intentions, wishes, or sentiments, you want laid in the wand. These will written out on our speciality Wanderful Project paper and included with your wand.

As each wand or mobile is original and inspired as it forms - we use your wishes as our formula, if we can accomodate the color pallette, we do our best, so a section for this is provided.  

Please give us 3 weeks as we make the product from start to finish and the craft of weaving wands takes focused love and lots of time.

Cost and Payment Instructions  

Our Custom Made Wands or Mobiles are $118.00 which includes packaging, shipping, and a donation to select charities around the world making magic happen.
(International Orders are $165.00)

1. Fill in the Custom Wand/Mobile Order Page and Submit

2. Send Payment to: Venmo: @gabrielle-friedenthal or ZELLE: 310-804-0320

3. Once we get the order and the payment we'll contact you to let you know we have begun working on your wand or mobile and when you can expect to receive it.


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