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What exactly is a Sugar(man) Enhanced Wand?

Updated: Mar 8, 2021

My friend Stacy Sugarman died suddenly of pancreatic cancer in August of 2020, shocking me, her family and her friends. Stacy was a beautiful spirit who loved celebrating life with travel, art, adventure, food, wine and laughing with her friends. She was very supportive of her friends and their endeavors. For me, that was my writing and she loved to came out to our Women of the 405 storytelling events to cheer us on. She loved the great outdoors and was always planning a camping trip, a hike, a mountain climbing adventure or overseas sojourn. She was vivacious and fun-loving and she was always dressed to the nines. Stacy never married and didn’t have kids. So after she passed I found myself in the position of ‘inheriting’ her jewelry collection and that of her mother, Barbara, who sold jewelry for a living. The collection is vast. Everything from turquoise, coral and freshwater pearls to jade, lapis and onyx. Shiney, colorfully brilliant, and bountiful, it was obvious to me right away that a lot of the jewelry could be used in the making of magic wands. I know Stacy would be so happy to be part of helping to make magic happen. I think it would delight her. So, happily, Stacy continues to bless us with the abundance of her jewelry collection which is sprinkled like sugar throughout the collection of wonderful wands.

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