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Heart Space

by Gabby Friedenthal

The writing prompt asks me where I'd like to visit on a regular basis. I'm to pick one place only - Paris, for it's romance? Italy, Tuscany to be exact, for the lush, green rolling hills and mouth watering food? Morocco, for its mystery and mystique? But, really, the choice is simple for me. I’d like to visit, if I could, in a forever kind of way, the land of my heart chakra, or as I like to call it, my heart space.

Now, as I close my eyes for a moment, and let myself go deeper, I melt into the vision I’ve been envisioning forever. It is just like I described as to what I wished for to the gazillions of healers, therapists, life coaches, and self proclaimed wise ones I have ever encountered on my healing journey. Yes, this is the space that is my answer to this question.

After finally arriving, I find life offers an exquisite sense of peace. My brain, the copious mounds of thought, constant and painfully uncomfortable - are gone. Totally gone. My shoulders drop down, away from being hyper-perched on my ears. The amorphous space in the back of my neck, crawling with creepy creatures of troubling thought, is settled and there’s, I kid you not, a damn rainbow there instead.

Now, as I type these words of yearning to land in this land I’d love to live - I go deeper as my mind's eye sees my garden, and the Buddha statue, and the light at dusk making shadows on the wall. There, shining down on the pebbles on the ground are hues of violet, indigo, blue, green, orange, yellow, and red. I breathe all of this in and feel my feet planted and my posture proud. I am fully present to this moment, as I sigh a sigh of wonder and gratitude.

I am standing, just staring ahead, calm, centered, my very being knowing that the time for hyper-aware can really go. My brain understands she can get cozy, and really, really, really, relax. She finally trusts this.

Living in my heart space, giddy at arriving at this destination, I feel beautiful, energetic and purpose filled. I am to live, laugh and love - and as corny as this sounds, this notion soothes me in some important way. I relish the next gift provided me, here, in this emotional oasis, as a rush of creativity runs through my veins. I feel its flow surging through me, and my brain awakes to do the thing she likes to do best - figure the next step, the next color, the right move to make so the pictures on the canvas pop in just the right way. My every action, every reaction is calm and flowing. I breathe in the sweetness of my life, making my throat full with the need to gush with relief and joy. I know I am safe inside myself. I know I can let my intuition, my internal being, simply guide me. I have broken the code; I have allowed myself to love and trust myself. I have landed in my heart space - here in the moment, to moment, to moment of my every day. I live in gratitude. I radiate love and healing. Life is good.

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