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Why Does Everyone Need a Magic Wand?

Updated: Aug 29, 2021

The following story poured out of me in response to the question I asked my self: Why does everyone need a magic wand?

A dive -back years ago, down and through the tunnel of time.

Canyon Elementary.

My home on 519 Stassi Lane, perched on the ivy laden hill above the school.

Having just come from South Africa a few short years ago, I am here, 3rd grade, on this playground, in its center, looking all around the perimeter.

Open space.

Pure open space.

Yes, I am on this yard in all my little girl power – unafraid, imaginative, inclusive and alive.

Charles is standing next to me.

He dresses funny and his slicked back black hair is unique to him and him alone.

He is heavy and tall.

He is commanding in presence, and he is different too, from somewhere far, far away, like me.

I am from Africa, a mysterious continent, where, I tell the other children,

a tall giraffe named Jasper transported me to school each day.

The others, they are all the same – the same vanilla scoops of ice-cream.

Charles and I, well we have nuts and chocolate and maraschino cherries, and funny accents all blended into the creamy mixture of our beings.

We are playing “witches” and I am the tour guide – directing the script of our adventure.

“We fly – see. We can fly and fly all around this yard. We fly all around this yard and we are fighting other witches and we are on the same team.“

Charles is on board, or more apt - on his magic broom ready to set sail into the sky.

I too take off, my arms wide open - straight out to my sides ….unencumbered.

Here in this childhood moment

I am pure, untouched.

I am my most real self, my most open and free - not yet marred or dented or dinged by life.

So, I’m running now.

Running fast and my arms catch wind from underneath.

I am dipping and diving in the plush cotton clouds of my imagination.

The air is a perfect temperature, that Los Angeles by the sea, 75 degrees,

a gentle breeze coming in from the ocean softly kissing my cheeks.

In my nine years – I have known not a tribulation

just that all has been and Is well in my world.

And here, in this moment of grand flight around my school yard, life really is plump with perfect-ness.

My imaginings blend into my reality and I am airborne.

I know what it feels like to soar.

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