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How to Find Magic

Updated: Aug 10, 2021

I’m on the phone with my friend Gabby and she is describing to me a recent experience she had during a guided meditation. I am listening intently and getting completely immersed in her experience. We are close that way. She is riding on a pterodactyl-ish, swan-ish bird over a vast body of water. She sees a crumbling, ancient city ahead on the horizon. We (at this point - I am THAT into it) are heading towards this rough, rugged place to land. We dismount the creature and head down a narrow alley. I also am getting off the couch and heading to my bathroom. Still in the mysterious alley with Gabby in my mind, I am at the same time opening a bathroom drawer that I tore apart earlier that morning in a mad hunt for a new pair of earrings. They had been a Christmas gift from another dear friend, and I had put them somewhere special so as not to lose them. And then I forgot where I had put the damn things. Not my first time losing something this way. I cleaned out the entire drawer that morning, having a hunch that the earrings were there. Alas, my massive morning search was to no avail. The earrings were still missing. As we turn down another alley, pick up an infant and position her in a crack of a wall of this bombed-out city, my hands go right to the earrings in my drawer. I “knew” they were under a bottle of medicine lying on its side. I gasp in amazement. My dear friend thinks I am reacting to the fate of the poor baby. I tell her about the earrings and she laughs. “You put me under a spell!” I tell her. “How did I just now “know” where those earrings were, in a bodily, but not mind, kinda way? My mind was busy with you, in that crazy alley hiding a tiny child. My body found the earrings mindlessly.” She corrects me and says, “I did not put you under a spell. You put yourself in a state of flow.” “Well, you were my catalyst.” “Yes,” she said. “We do that to each other a lot, don’t we?” And she is right. Gabby and I make magic together and have since the moment we met. You have to understand how improbable that is for someone like me to accept. I am so Western in my way of thinking that I won’t even go to a chiropractor when in massive pain. I was raised that way. My father a medical doctor, my mom a neuroscientist, everything in my world has a logical, science-based explanation derived from peer reviewed published studies. Until I met Gabby that is. She was my first neighbor as a homeowner. We were both young mothers struggling to keep our heads above water, and though we both had (and still have!) amazing husbands, we found a unique solace in one another’s company. Gabby is smart, funny, creative, insanely sensitive and intuitive, caring, and loving. She is the psychic embodiment of the best hug you could ever imagine. And she also knows magic. Strange, beautiful things always happen when we are together, and I have no real scientific explanation for any of it. I mean I can make sense of it if my mind needs to (e.g. I was in a relaxed state of flow that helped me access a memory to find those earrings) but that does not really explain what happens with us. I moved a few towns away so although we are no longer neighbors, we are still very much in each other’s lives, feeling the inexplicable. In fact, Gabby made me a magic wand which sits on my bedside table and buzzes all day with her warm energy. It is a beautiful work of art. The wand reminds me of what we create together. It speaks to me of the possibilities within me. It whispers and tells me to breathe. Gabby is just one of those people who helps us discover the magic around us and inside of us. If you don’t have a Gabby yet in your life, keep looking. Be open. She’s out there, or she’s inside you. Trust me, you need her. Because everyone needs magic.

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